• Mary Santistevan Says

    Love it! Any concerts in Colorado?

  • lisa smith Says

    Hello brohters and sisters in Christ, I was up very late tonight and couldnt sleep , i accidently come across your website 🙂 praise the Lord. I love your music and lyrics, Just wanted you to know you are all in my prayers. God bless and keep you, i found you on facebook also, so i can be keeping up with your progress in the ministry, God bless and keep u all. love in christ. mama-lisa

  • sonya Says

    Love the song you guys are great!! 🙂

  • Linda - White Wolf Says

    You guys are awesome…keep jamin’ God’s blessing!!!

  • Lee Says

    Excellent music and lyrics wishing you guys all the best!

  • Anna Says

    That’s really great. I’m a sister in Christ from Germany and “accidently” come across this site. It’s so awesome to see that so many brothers and sisters from all nations and parts of this wolrd praise our lord with their music. Hope to see you one day….

    Be blessed!!!

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