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We are in a major winter project- Making Discipleship Training Videos of our Warriors for Christ discipleship course Walking the New Path.


There are 13 lessons and each lesson may have from 2 to 3 parts, so we are going to be making over 50 videos (God Willing -and we strongly believe He Does ).

Our new Warriors for Christ Online  YouTube  Channel  has had over 770 views.  Our purpose is to provide Discipleship training online, and to provide Walking the New Path videos to help those leading discipleship small groups, both in church and home. We will also be providing each lesson on a DVD.

THE NEED: micwl-lc04-pro-font-b-tie-b-font-clip-on-lavalier-lapel-font-b-microphone-bnikond3000

We need to buy a “tie mike” to improve the sound quality for outside recording (see Lesson II -part 1 beginning and ending part IE problem with wind). We have already received $15 towards this – thank you, Mike – but are $15. short. Can you help with this need?  It will improve the quality of our videos greatly.

While on the path filming Lesson I, our Nikon DSLR D3100 camera was stolen.  We really need to replace it. We can buy a used model for $250. We use this for many ministry purposes.


Please if you can help-
Send us a Email –to—with your name and address and we will send you a stamped return envelope for your special gift.
Or–. Visit – then “how you can help” and use our secure site to make your gift through PayPal.

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