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We NOW have the first two Lessons of Walking the New Path  on You Tube.

Come by and check them out; each lesson is broken up into Parts-


We are putting each our our 13 lessons of Walking  the New Path on You Tube!! Lesson I and II are done – Please pray for us as we are  working on Lesson III now.

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Please let us know if you would like to receive a lesson or the whole course-or just a lesson-and we will mail them out to you. Lesson one is Free!, and the others are only $3.00, and the Full set is only $30.00 and includes a three ring binder.
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Providing Native American discipleship is one of the most needed ministries today. The vision of Warriors for Christ is to provide culturally sensitive, effective discipleship materials and training for Native Americans using Walking the New Path, other materials and workshops.
The person being Disciplined is trained so they will be able to disciple others. Walking the New Path covers 13 major topics that are basic to Christian maturity.

Walking the New Path includes the following topics:
1. Finding the Right Path
2. Who is Father Creator?
3. Jesus Christ – Son of Father Creator
4. The Holy Spirit who gives us Wisdom, Comfort, and Power
5. Keeping on His Path
6. The Creator’s Word – The Bible
7. Talking with your Father Creator – Prayer
8. The Church – The Gathering of His people
9. Being a Victorious Warrior
10. Empowered by His Spirit
11. Walking in the Fruits of the Spirit
12. Serving with Your Gifts
13. Serving through Discipleship – Helping to guide others on His Path

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PHONE -360-379-4668
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