CHRIST’S PATH Training Workshop

Jan and I were enjoying a cup of coffee as we looked out on beautiful Admiralty Bay in Port Townsend, WA.   A young boy on the beach was trying to skip rocks, but was having a hard time.  Then his father came over to show him “how it was done.” His grandfather also came to check things out.  As I saw all this I thought of Warriors for Christ’s Discipleship.  Christ showed his disciples how to minister to others through his own actions.

     Warriors for Christ has been given a Great Opportunity to train Native college students at the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, Arizona, Nov. 15 – 18.  President Jason Koppen,  IBC, told us he wants the students to graduate not just with academic knowledge, but also with lives that reflect Jesus Christ.  This is why he wants Warriors for Christ transformational discipleship training for his students.

      We will also be conducting a Native Leadership training workshop with Native pastors and leaders from the area to introduce Walking the New Path as a tool they can use to reach their nations for Christ.

     I want to invite you to come and join us, but if you live too far away, you can still participate in this ministry event. We really need your partnership in this Warriors for Christ discipleship outreach.

We need to raise $1,500. for airplane tickets, rental car, hotel, and meals. We also want to give out a full copy of Walking the New Path to each student to encourage their person walk.  As future pastors, it can be used as a discipleship training tool for their congregation.

  1. PLEASE make a gift by sending a email to  –give us your name and address and we can send you a stamped return envelope for your gift /  or
  2. VISIT at the top of the page click on “You can Help” then, click on the “DONATE” button.


Thanks for your partnership.



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