Discipleship Training

“Walking the New Path” – a basic topical discipleship course written for Native Americans.

The course is written for new believers and those that need basic biblical discipleship training. (Most members of a Native church will be able to benefit spiritually from this study).

Topics Include:

  • Finding the Right Path
  • Power of Prayer
  • Who is Father – Creator
  • Worship and the Church
  • Jesus Christ – Son of Father  Creator
  • The Spirit – Filled Life
  • The Holy Spirit – Comforter and Spirit of Truth
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • The Power to be a Holy Person
  • Witnessing and Discipleship
  • Power of His Word – The Bible
  • Knowing Father – Creator’s Will for your Life
Ephesians – ” The Bond of Unity – Relationships that unite us”

Ephesians is a key book for Native Americans, as it deals with 4 major relationships; 1. To God 2. To the Church 3. To family 4. To the spirit world. After completing the WFC Discipleship course, this study will help encourage spiritual growth and strength in the Native believer’s life.


WFC at this time is located in three culturally distinct regions. Our headquarters are located in the Northwest and we have Native regional directors in California and the Mid West. WFC’s goal is to recruit and train nine Native regional directors for the United States (including Alaska) and additional regional directors for Canada.

Regional directors will be discipling in Native Churches or home groups, on reservations and urban areas using the discipleship course; then the trained Native leadership will be discipling their own members.

WFC discipleship material will be made available to denominations that have Native Churches and WFC staff will be available for training of Pastors and leaders.

WFC will contact missionaries and mission organizations doing training with the discipleship course.

Native organizations working in North America will be contacted. WFC materials and training workshops will be made available.

“Soaring Eagle Conferences”

WFC has sponsored “Soaring Eagle Conferences” – discipleship training for Native American Christians. Our goal would be to have these in each of our WFC regions in the U.S. and Canada.

Some of the above materials are in draft form and are being prepared for publication.