Prayer Requests


lisa trobaugh
the guy ive been with for 12 years has decidedhe wants another woman. he tells me to leaveand i did the next day he was with this other woman.i found aplace to live. he has begged me back 3 times and i had to leave all 3 times. they keepgoing by my house cursing me and my daughter. throwing stuff in our driveway. i never have said or done anything to them. he has the nerve to call and tell me what he wants to happen to her and then he goesto her and tells her i said all this stuff. im a christian. i dont do that. he isnt saved but he needs to be so pray for him. pray for me he has hurt me beyond any thing if it would have been a stranger i dont think i would have hurt so bad. how could you do someone you love or have loved thisway. i love him and my heart has a yearning for him.please pray for Gods will to be done and help me to get all this hurt and sorrow behind me. please i dont know how much longer i can go on with the pain and the yearning. please help me