Prayer Requests

Prayer help for my daughter, and for Truth.

John Frazer
Prayers please for My little daughter Nikoya (3), and for all of us. Truth has been buried, and she no longer has me much in her life, due to me going to court, and asking for help with Nikoya\’s mothers substance abuse issues. I didn\’t know where else to ask for help. Nikoya\’s mother Delores was furious with me naming her substance abuse, and falsely accused me of enough things that instead of getting help from the court, the court locked me away from my daughter, due the the lying of Nikoya\’s mother Delores, in court.
Prayers please for the truth to be uncovered, so that my daughter has her father in her life again. I was a constant in Nikoya\’s life, and now she has not had me to support her, which has hurt very much. Delores knows not what hurt and damage she is doing, she is so angry. Prayers please for Delores\’s anger and addiction issues. Prayer for all of us.
Thanks, and God Bless us all,