Prayer Requests

My love, my family, healing, Godly transformation

Prayer for Demetreus B, a broken and hurt man. I was involved with him, but God kept asking for him. Demetreus is a man that has been through so much, as a child, he was neglected and rejected by his family, they use to dislike him because they thought he was gay and too light skin. He was raped by 2 prostitutes, he was taken advantage by one of his teachers, he was beaten by his uncle and he attempted to kill his uncle at a young age, was put in jail. His family turned their back on him, he lives a life of hurt, of a hermit, he doesn\’t trust. When we got together, he kept saying I was going to leave him for someone else. He always accused me of cheating, which My God knows I never did. He was married, her family disliked him as he wasn\’t ghetto enough, she cheated on him. He carries so much hurt, so much distrust but has an amazing heart, amazing qualities but his demon\’s don\’t allow him to be happy. We were talking about seeking God together, and growing together but his demon\’s, got the best out of him. He\’s closed up, completely, hurt, I wouldn\’t ever play him or do anything to hurt him. I wanted to show him there are still good women on earth, that God can change him, heal him. I was ignoring God, in the sense that I wanted to save him. That was never my place. I care and love him so much, that I just want prayer over his life, for God to move in his heart, for God to heal him, for God to use him and prepare him for his ministry. God before all.

For my healing, my hurt as I am hurting. My family, my business, my ministry, spirit life in Christ.

For our family, relationship, our children, school, scholarship, our finances, business, career, for Alex, Grace, Demetreus n myself.