Prayer Requests

Termination of Job

Tina S.
I was terminated from my job 2 days ago and I’m in shock. They said it has nothing to do with performance, in fact my performance was outstanding. But they accused me of drinking in office. I had a small bottle of red wine and I took a small sip every morning purely for holy communion purposes. I told them I am not a drinker, I ‘m not an alcoholic. And I did not know that drinking wine is banned in the office. If they had told me, I would not have done it. They refused any of my explanation. They got me packing and leaving immediately. I am in utter shock as this is my 6th time I’ve been terminated from jobs. 5 of the times, I had been falsely accused, victimized and forced to leave. Only one time the termination was due to retrenchment. What is going on? Is this some kind of curse over my life? Please pray for this curse of failure to be broken off me. Please also pray for God to supply me with a new job close to my home asap. I need a job and I need the money. I’ve been travelling one hour to and from work for years now. I hope the new job will be close to home from now on…. Praise the Lord.