Prayer Requests


sophie m
im sorry for being so selfish but am so lost as to why my family hates me and why my boss hates me too.i cant peace@home or work.ive lost my mother.lost everyone.i wake in tears.go to bed in tears.i have noone to even talk to guide me.even God has shut down on not perfect but im not deserving this.i cant go on.i dont want not barely existing.i have to force myself to get up as i just get abused@work.i can do no not at the age where i can get a new dying of heartache.nobody cares.i give and give and nobody gives back.not even love.why.what have i done.i cant fight or beg anymore.i live in fear.i cant breathe.i havent been hugged or laughed in ages.i try.i have tried too long.i want to be fearless loved respected healthy sorry