Prayer Requests

Need Gods help

Knee: hurt/injury
> Moving: leaving job, to Teacher Corps & don\’t know where living or have stipend yet
> Friendships: several gone or dysfunctional, people not want to know me or help too much
Also that I will see the past ok and not let it bother me, and see my present and future in a healthy way; that I\’ll know how to handle life & my emotions & being an adult & what it means to be me
That my relationship with my parents, that I will be healed from how I se
e things from the past & that things (which are better) will be whatever is healthy with them
How to handle my emotions well
My mom whos having hip replacement soon
> A guy who likes me but I don\’t want to be his girlfriend, we\’ve almost had sex
> Cant study bc distracted by these
> Main thing: A guy friend who tried to help me emotionally, couldn\’t handle it and asked for space, I freaked out & unfriended then tried to refriend him on face book, kept calling & texting; by the time I figured out he just needed space he told me to move on and not reply, and after 2 months still doesn\’t want to. Something like this has happened with him before. It seems like a hopeless situation but Id like to ask if God can work in it if he would. Either way I need God\’s help. I just need prayer. Please? Please pray for him too, he has struggles with relationships, interacting, emotions, and life stuff but is doing really well.. just pray for him in general for his life & stuff that things will go good for him… Also that he will know that God is & God loves him lots & see & feel it