Prayer Requests


Ebenezer Baiden-Amissah
Dear Reverend Ministers,


I had a wonderful dream one night early this year or late last year and in the dream a saw a gigantic Apostolic Faith Church edifice situated at a very strategic place at Abeka Lapaz a place called Amakye Dede –Abrantie Spot , near the over pass off the George Walker Bush N1 High Way Road in Accra.

Please pray for this dream to come into reality and manifestation as presently the whole area of the community is full of many brothel houses.

Please pray for God to overthrow the very thick darkness brooding over that area and for God to overthrow the very strong walls of prostitution the enemy has deployed the young girls, adults and old women —boys, young men and elderly men— for which the whole community encounters demonic oppression, financial and material scarcity— and for God to start up mighty revivals converting all these prostitutes, their peers and all who encourage the practice.

Please pray for God to break, crush and pierce the heart of Auntie B and all those who snatched my cellular phone and other items from me recently from in that area( including that of the fellow who snatched my phone from me in 2009) and for God to command these fellows to return my phones and all the items that were stolen(snatched) from me instantly adding unto it diamonds, silver and gold(Psalm 68).

Please pray God to continue to open brighter chances for me to pursue postgraduate studies early next year( I\’m considering apply in both home and abroad comprising subjects (programmes) like Computing, Creative Writing, MBA Finance, Banking, Investment etc.)

Please pray God prosper me financially and materially so all my dreams would come true and so I can invest more and more financially and materially into God\’s work.

Please pray for God to visit Dorothy A Ekuban(my fiancee) and fix in our hearts His strong anointing —more mutual love, togetherness and drive towards our wedding, marriage, ministry and righteousness — and may God grant us a place to serve Him in the Apostolic Faith Church in Africa, North America, Europe and Canada.

As God has said it shall be well with the righteous, please pray God to grant us wellness- physically, spiritually, materially and emotionally.

Yours faithfully,


Ebenezer K N Baiden- Amissah

P O Box LG 1254, Legon,Accra Ghana

Telephone 00233277461262