Prayer Requests

In need of a car

Vivian Hartz
Father God I pray that Your Mercy and Grace will Supernaturally come to pass when Vince wins this car for Bree on Father’s Day. Bree is a Beautiful, young girl age 17 who has Not asked for much from her Dad or any of us. I pray for You Agape Love to be poured into Vince and Bree by Miraculously picking Vince’s name on June 17-18 to Win the 1968 Chevy Chevelle.
Vince has struggled for over 15 years financially since he was layed off from Intel, working odd jobs just to stay a float. As a result, Vince has not been able to afford to buy a car for Bree.
Lord I pray You answer is YES to my prayer above. Lord please show Your Mercy and Grace toward Vince and his Beautiful Daughter Bree to be blessed on Father’s Day with this 1968 Chevy Chevelle.
Bree is in need of a car so that she can go to work daily over the summer. And when school starts back in August, Bree won’t have to ask for rides to get to and fro to school and soccer practice and games.
Thank You Dear Lord for this Supernatural, Meraculous Miracle for Vince and Bree,
In Jesus’ Precious Name!!!