Prayer Requests

NATIVE ACTOR Aldred W.Montoya

Ms. Karen Morgan
Hau Koda Prayer Warriors,
While working on a storyline for “Longmire” , The Great Spirit Father moved me to use Aldred for a Character Model , then He impressed on me strongly that Aldred needed Prayer. Aldred is Apache/Pueblo , The Late Evangelist, Richard Nunez is also Apache & He’s Piaute , so Aldred is one of his People, Family . He & His wife Kimberly, & The Late Richard Twiss supported WFC online , PAPA Nu-Nu, would want us to watch over Aldred’s Spirit.
Aldred loves God, People, Animals alot, Unselfishly from His Sweet, Spirited Heart.
He empowers our Youth with His Good Example & Advice; he’s taught the World Good , Honorable Apache ways, He works hard with his hands & teaches, by example, a good work ethic, he’s helped me without ever having met me … like a shot of B12 in the arm, to Heal from my wounds & I’m more productive , because of doing as God said to watch over Him … He Has No SON or Child,human, of His own, but He Tells people how blessed they are to have one, that is so sweet … I Pray God gives a Miracle Son & Daughter & wife to shower Him with God’s Blessings every man should be enjoying … His “Best Woman Friend “in All things, to make His Life Beautiful … I pray that for His Fellow Actor Zahn McClarnon , he pretends to be a Father & Loving Husband , I hope He Has It For Real … Twins , I hope He has Twins with His Wife …
But even successful people , like him ;who also has a good Acting Career,suffer heartache & trouble . He’s had a rough time , been the Victim of senseless Lawlessness from dangerous , sociopathic persons or person . I think Aldred is The Most Amazing Man I’ve Ever Come Across in My Life … I hate the sadness I’ve seen in His eyes, how his Animal & Human Family , friends have suffered.
As a Cherokee Mother & Granmother I know what Treasures Native Sons/ ALL Sons are … My Granddaughter’s cousin is Elvis Presley who is Cherokee also , so I know how important it is to pray for Families in Entertainment … We should pray for Our Families, Christian & Non-Christian, to be sheilded from Hollywood’s & The World’s bad effects … Pray for their Families, Careers, Christian Walks, Friends, Personal Crusades for Indian Country, Our World, Their Private Lives… Pray We All have Protective Stewardship over Eachother … Pray We All use All of our Talents to influence The Entertainment World … thus The World at large … for the Good of Our Tribal Cultures/Standards that are Wholesome & Precious in God’s site . We need good Native Role Models for Us All … especially for Indian Childred , to give them a reason to live & not take their lives … for lack of HOPE, from the Apache to the Sioux HOPE is most needed… My latest heartache was an 8 year old ,1st Nations Little girl who took her life , last Oct. ,2016 … I was told this by other Mission family .. Broken Walls … on & off The Screen Native Entertainers are investing in our Youth, Tribes & others … So, let Our Hearts of Rescue flow with The ” Spirit” Prayer Warriors …
We LOVE You Aldred & Our Families in Enterainment So MUCH !!!