Prayer Requests


Steven Smith
Hi its me again, we knew this was coming didn’t we, see nothing ever changes, it just keeps getting more satanic and worse, which opposes a Holy Gods word. I have a coworker that had a project that wasn’t being worked on the holds report so I took it to her on a personal basis, as a caring human and gentleman should. When I do something or was presented in a similar situation she has to announce it in a staff meeting, in front of an audience, bringing shame against me, such great people I work with, and gee one would think, I never prayed for these individuals. See I have worked with this woman for 10 years, I have made car payments for her, I have given her children nice graduation gifts, I have bought her lunch on many occasions, I have show her love, and what do I get, stabbed in the back, and we can always say SATAN cant we Jesus? An angel showed herself before the attack, and she did nothing, this is my typical day, dealing with evil, and a God who refuses to fix problems, refuses to answer prayers, refuses to cast demons to hell, a God who after 18 years really hasn’t done much at all, but curse me and put hell right in the middle of my life. I pray for you God, you lack power, you lack control, you lack honor, in Jesus name I pray amen amen…. A God who wants faith but yet, as i sit here and witness first hand the works of satan day in and day out ten thousand prayers (at least) and now we have PIGGY, a woman who claims to be a christian, always snarling, with a bad wicked attitude, and doesnt appreciate anything i do for her, gee it doesnt get better, it just keeps getting worse, Isaiah 54:17, NO WEAPON FORMED against you shall PROSPER. One question Jesus, after 18 years of denial, of being spiritually harassed, abused, tormented, tortured, what HAVE YOU DONE? I sure see the works of a demon, but what has GOD done. In Sunday school, we learn what he has done for others he will do for you? Really, how about reversing that statement, what is being done to me do to others? I am expected to deal with demon possession on a daily basis, from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. What’s everyone else dealing with on a daily basis? Looks to me like most Christians are living pretty decent lives, oh but not me, damned and cursed by a GOD, oh maybe a demon who entered my body 19 years ago at the death of my dad, right Jesus….

Here is a summary of what I see from the Holy Word of God. Funny, works, making adjustments, I see very little effort being made to truly fix things.

Broken promise #1, I will protect you from the evil one (2 Thess 3:3)
Broken promise #2 Ask and it shall be given (Matthew 21:22)
Broken promise #3 Angels to watch over you (Psalm 91:11)
Broken promise #4 Pray continuously (1Thess 5:16)
Broken promise #5 Whatever you bind (Matthew 16:19, 18:18)
Broken promise #6 Praying among others (Matthew 18:19)
Broken promise #7 God can not lie (Hebrews 6:18)
Broken promise #8 Prospering (Jeremiah 29:11)
Broken promise #9 Cursing are attackers (Genesis 12:3, Isaiah 54:19)
Broken promise #10 Taking our burdens (Matthew 11:28)
Broken promise #11 Deliverance (Joel 2:32)
Broken promise #12 Prayer of a righteous man (James 5;16)
Broken promise #13 Ignoring Satan (James 4:17)
Broken promise #14 Relying on God (Exodus 14:14)
Broken promise #15 Over testing
Broken promise #16 Never leaving or forsaking
Broken promise #17 Giving back what was used (Mark 10:23-31)
Broken promise #18 Being a friend of God for faith (James 2:23)
Broken promise #19 Faith (Hebrews 11:1)
Broken promise #19 Blessing us in great abundance (Malachi 3:10-13)
Broken promise #20 Taking vengeance on our enemies (Psalm 55, 56)
Broken promise #21 Gods word never returning void
Broken promise #22 healing our physical bodies if asked
These are only a few of the Broken promises of Gods word. One lie, all lies and I see a lot of lies after living in pure hell for 18 years, FOR LIVING A NORMAL MANS LIFE. My question to you Jesus, do you really want faith or is that also more cheap talk from a God?