Prayer Requests

prayers for me and my husband

Kristel Coma
I’m asking for your prayers and help to please pray for my husband’s health to get better soon,he has pancreatitis and has cyst around his liver,spleen and pancreas.We really need a miracle,please pray for him and pray for me that I will be home to him soon..I will be having my visa interview on July 10,2013 6:15 AM at the Manila US Embassy,Philippines..Please pray also for the Consular and the questions he will ask to me..My husband and I have been married for year and a month now but we are not together becausecause I am waiting for my visa to be approved,please pray that my visa will be approved so that I can finally take care my sick husband.I really need my husband and I miss him so much..We\’ve been through a lot,ups and downs,I don\’t want to lose him,we have so many plans and things to look forward so please I’m begging with all my heart for your help and prayers ,please pray for me and for my husband..Thank you so much and God bless you and your families .-Kristel Coma