Prayer Requests


Milly Akinyi
Almighty father i thank you for all that you have done to me. Father you enable me to complete my diploma course yet my salary was not enough but i managed to overcome that. You have helped me to cover for my account course yet i had not received my end month salary and now i can start my classes on thursday gladly. All this is through you my father. I always believe that through you there is nothing impossible in this universe. Im currently working in a company where im not well paid but i always say thank you father for the little that i have because there is always someone out there whose wish is to have what i have. Father im about to start a business which im already working on my business plan. I pray to you that you may enable my new business to be successful. Let it be a business where both the owner and its clients are going to benefit from it. Let the business be of a great blessing to my life and improve my current finacially state. i come to you father knowing that you are the true father who can answer all this prayer. In jesus name i pray. Amen