Prayer Requests

Do you feel my heavy and salty tears?

Viet PhaN
Prayer Warriors, My parents took on someone\’s burden during the 80\’s into the late 90\’s. A debt which accumulated to $300,000. You read that correctly as THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND Dollars. My kind and loving folks covered for another couple\’s debt who never paid my parents back one single penny. Today, my dad who is handicap still has to work to make ends meet and he is a senior citizen. It\’s disheartening to see my parents still having to struggle financially over subsequently 3 horrendous decades of suffering in this department – financial. I beg you all to implore the Heavenly realms and beseech God to have some kind of restoration to what has been lost or simply stand in the gap and ask God to have mercy on my parents and break the curse – a generational curse if there is one. Thank you all siblings in Christ for interceding on my behalf. YHWH bless!