Prayer Requests

Inner Emotional Healing

Lord please heal me and cure this big wound I have in my heart which I have had for many years. Please heal me of all the abuse I have endured during my childhood, at school and at college. Help me to forgive my abusers and all the pain they have caused even those strangers that have said mean things to me when I am out and about. Cure me of my fear of people especially young people. I get really paranoid and fearful of them thinking that they will judge me and it gets really bad 🙁 Many don\’t understand me and they make fun of me Lord because I was born with Aspergers. Sometimes I feel like I want to take my own life and because I have such low self confidence I tend to avoid people so I really need your love and healing. I wish you would cure my Aspergers and made it go away so I could be like everyone else but it is what you want not what I want. It would be good to have more people in my life who accept me and understand me and I thankyou greatly Lord for the ones I do have already even though it\’s hard sometimes. In Jesus\’ name I pray, Amen


PS. Help me to get a good job where I am liked and accepted and people understand me.

For J:

Please Pray for J he is a suicidial young man that doesn’t want to live. Pray that God will give him peace and healing and help him come to him, amen