Prayer Requests

HELP ME…God…Warriors for Christ !

Vivian Gros
Oh God I am in desperate need of a car. Who can help me out there? Are there any Christians who donate cars or help disabled people financially?
Do to the fact that I was 90 days behind on my car payment my Nissan Murano was repossessed today around 1:00 PM. I made a payment yesterday by putting it into the night deposit. The bank wouldn\’t accept $350. They wanted the full 90 days late payments of $1050 plus I\’m sure late fees.
I am disabled with RA and a heart condition.
I\’ve prayed day and night for the Lord to help me catch up on my payments by providing a financial miracle. God answered NO, because now my Car is gone.
I had told myself that I wasn\’t going to pray anymore to God, but here I am again
I\’ve tried to get an online job and found nothing. I\’ve sent out resumes to do Data Entry jobs, but no one ever contacts me.
It’s not that I haven\’t tried to find a job to make money, so that I can pay my car loan and other bill. I have.