Prayer Requests

Please pray for my son and I

Marisa Coles
I have a lot going on right now.First of all my depression meds stopped working. I am having struggles with motivating myself. I want to move out of my mothers but haven\’t had any luck.I think once I have my own place I will feel better. I went to the courthouse last week to terminate her guardianship,but all I want is shared custody because I want to be able to see my son more often and be able to do more on my own with him. My mom is his guardian and I can\’t do a lot with him because of that.My mom got court notice in mail today and she wants to try to get my parental rights taken away. I really just want to have my own place and be able to have him come see me on weekends.I hardly know my son because I wasn\’t living with my mom and him since February till I just moved back in in September. My mom said I have to get out tomorrow and I don\’t know where to go.I need to find immediate housing. I haven\’t had much luck in doing so.