Prayer Requests

Unsaved family

I am of a family of 9 children, 6 girls 3 males. Out of 9 two are believers. I am Irish/ Salish of the Flathead. My mother became a believer on February 14th 2013, a week before she passed away. She was the native of my parents. The rest of my family doesn\’t want to have relations with me because of my faith, my little sis is a new believer. PTL! Our family will be gathering again soon and I need prayer to be a light and to be strong for the truth and to speak the truth with meekness and love. My older sister took on the ways of our people and is very hostile towards me, which has become hard for her, because there is that side of her that loves and adores me. So yes prayer for softening of hearts!
Bless you all for praying and for this ministry I just found today. Thank you ~