Prayer Requests

Supernatural Miracle for Casey

Vivian Gros
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am writing in behalf of a young man/baseball player Casey who is attending Panhandle State in OK.
Last night while watching The Tigers and Giants, along with the rest of the Panhandle Baseball team, he told them he couldn’t take it anymore and left. Casey drove at high speed head-on into a Semi-truck.
Casey is in critical condition, with broken vertebra, arms, legs and other parts of his body. I’m not sure if he’s in a coma.
My Grandson Joe a born-again Christian attends Panhandle State with hopes of playing baseball.
Please pray that our Lord will anoint, fill Joe with His Holy Spirit, so that he can gain strength for himself to deal with this horrific accident and to be able to help the other team-mates by praying and witnessing to them.
Thank you for praying this Supernatural Miracle Prayer for Casey.