Prayer Requests

Miracle Prayer Request

This is a Saturday night service prayer request.It is a miracle request,to be honest with you.The love of my life,Carmen,is somone I`ve known for over ten years.In that time,we have had our ups and downs,our fallouts,but we allways got back together.Carmen is an evangilist and one guy named Frank actually stalked her for years,trying to get close to her and then pretended to be prayer partner-goin with her tomevery function he could.About a month ago,she told me she had gotten very,very sick and she felt like this guy Frank had been practicing witchcraft on her..
Now she has changed her phone number again.I saw her this last week when she was preaching at a service in the Spanish Chapel of the Los Angeles Mission.I gave her my number and she said she would call me,but later,I explained that phone is not a good deal-time wise-so I`m getting another one.
I feel strongly,very strongly that this is the most critical time ever in the relationship between Carmen and me.Others are constantly trying to move in on her-worse one particular peron has targeted me and seems to have some kind of mind control fix on her and I don`t have a lot of access to her.She didn`t give me her new number Monday-she told me she would \”send it\”.This is totally unlike her-I believe he has access to her phone.I know,especailllay after ten years- she loves me and has told me many times and I know I love her.We went to church together on Sunday nights for several years.I also am sure of one more thing,in this particular situation,I`m facing not only other agressive,jealous and controlling people but there is a giant and very intense spiritual battle going on at the same time.This situation is so fragile this time,it could change in a second or one wrong word.I would lose her forever.
I please request prayer that these other people,including my own mistakes in judgement and any evil spirits and attacks of all kinds be stopped forever and that this love will be stronger on this day and night and at this hour and that it will continue to grow stronger every day and Carmen will not only want to come back to me,she will come back.Thank you,John