Prayer Requests


Yvonne Stainthorpe
My daughter passed away in Nov. leaving a 3 yr old son and 13 yr old daughter. My 80 yr old ex mother in law is trying to control raising my granddaughter and fighting my decision. My daughter was a strong Christian believer. The ex-mother in law is not. She is there temporarily with ex in law but I’m pulling her out of her school now. The ex in law continually tells my granddaughter things that she should not be communicating, such as, my granddaughter can choose where she wants to live, etc. She also makes a point to buy extra things for my granddaughter and does not allow structure or boundaries that my daughter instilled. This is disturbing. The attorney consultant says that both kids should be raised together before the legal guardianship goes to court. I made an attempt to retrieve my granddaughter and a war started. I pray that the lord send this ex-in law back to her main home to take care of her own life and leave my granddaughter to be raised with her brother. Thank you for your prayers.