Prayer Requests

depression, job , fiananical conditions

Blessy K.
Praise the lord,   Am suffering from mental depression, I and my mom lost about Rs 320000/- money in fraud investment company lodged police complaints still no result, I and my husband name Morris ( was Catholic) but this yea January accepted christ as his saviour. He is trying hard to get job in IT industry with good package, whatever he applies for never respond back.. and I am in such situation that I spite of me making my husband to believe christ, loosing faith, i\’ve given interview for around 10 companies for job, would reach till final round and gets rejected. Once one company asked to collect offer letter, I waited in the company for 1 hour, the worst part they gave some weird excuses and my offer letter was never in my hands inspite of completing all the interview rounds… I really don\’t understand why such things are happening to me. Please I beg you to pray for my job the companies which rounds I completed they should callback and off me the job coz am depressed and don\’t want any new company to attend interview and please pray for my husband to get IT networking job. Loosing all hope, there are times when I always questioned does god only prosper gentiles and not his children, we both lost our money, struggling to get jobs, I don\’t understand how much worst situations will become?  
In Christ, Blessy.