Prayer Requests

Almost a Year of Severe Chronic Pain for Daniel

Carol Olejnik
Dear Lord, Jesus (the son and Divine Healer/Physician) Blessed Mother and all you caring Christian prayer warriors…
First, allow me to thank each of you that will and have continued to pray on my son\’s behalf for relief of his year long pain. You are compassionate, caring and special people and I truly appreciate each of you. My son, Daniel is a good young man who helps others always without expecting anything in return. With the recent back surgeries and the chronic pain he is in, he is suffering in body, mind and soul and he is at the end of his hope. He asked me why he has to suffer this much and those that kill and hurt never do. I cannot answer except to tell him that Jesus is walking next to him and will relieve him in due time. I do not believe he can keep this up much longer. Another issue has now been introduced and his bodily functions are stopped because of pain meds. I am afraid this will start other issues that will need to be addressed and it seems that the circle of darkness is pulling at him with power. I ask that you please continue to say one small prayer each day for his complete healing. For his body functions to resume, his internal scar tissue to dissolve and his inflamed sciatic nerve to be calmed down and full health restoration to begin. I apologize for asking so often and I truly apologize to the Lord, Jesus and Mary for my sins as I do not wish to put an extra burden on my son and I am truly sorry for causing pain to each of them as well. I thank you for your continued prayers and I ask the Lord, Jesus and Mary to look down upon Daniel .. have mercy on him and please begin the healing process. Amen.