Prayer Requests

Letting God Do What is Best for my Son

Carol Olejnik
I come to God each day and do not know if what I ask for my son is worded right or if there is something I am doing incorrectly as it seems most of what I ask for is just not forthcoming and seems always out of reach. I therefore am relinquishing everything to God and His son, Jesus who is deemed the divine healer, to see the pain and discomfort my son is in, to hear his darkness and hopelessness compounding and to ask Them both to do what They deem to be that which will heal my son, Dan, to completely restored health of body, mind, soul. They alone know the appropriate means of what They need to give or do for Daniel, so I let go and will let Them work in Daniel\’s life. They know my son\’s heart, They hear his anger and hopelessness and I ask They do not let Daniel\’s pain wish to become what will be. They know Daniel\’s heart and how good it is and how much he has helped everyone in the family and neighborhood. Daniel has always felt he wanted to help others because he understands what it is to go through life with issues and he has always wanted to do something to make others lives better. Therefore prayer warriors please ask God and His Healing Son, Jesus, to look down with mercy and compassion on my son Daniel in pain and darkness and touch his life with what he needs the most to return to what he was before the pain and darkness.