Prayer Requests


anon anon
Im desperate and asking from one mothers heart ti another. Mt daughter is twenty nine years old. She wad in an abysive relationship for six years. She finally left and has moved into another. Thus time there is methamphetamines involved. My daughter is expwriencing severe depression. Thankfully she has recognized this and is on Celexa. She is going to see a neuropsychiatrist on on Monday. She is having cravings really bad. She does not want ti take her insulin. She has been in the hospital two times in a month. One was an overdose of meth. The guy that has gotten her on this poison will not stop contacting her. This makes her become irate because she wants to see him and its because he will give her more. Im afraid he has her into prostitution. He forced her to have an abortion five months ago. This had attributed to her depression. I feel like everything is spinning out if control. My pastor just says pray and give it God. Believe me I do this everyday. Please have your prayer warriors along with yourself prayer for my daughter, her name is April. Thank you so much and I apologize for the extensive message.