Prayer Requests

Prayer for my mother Katherine


Please pray for my mother Katherine. She had a stroke 3 weeks ago, but has been making excellent progress. She is currently in a rehab center. Today, the nurse discovered fluid in her lungs, and the doctor ordered an X-ray for tonight. Please pray:

1) That they take the X-ray very soon tonight, and not wait for hours, and that it reveal everything they need to know.
2) That God give the doctor wisdom about whether to prescribe antibiotics or anything else necessary, and that he review the X-ray tonight.
3) That God completely remove all fluid from my mom\’s lungs quickly, and that there be no complications.
4) That God put a hedge of protection around her, and that she will come through this with flying colors.
5) That she will recover completely and quickly and be able to come home soon.
6) That God give us all peace, rest, and the assurance that everything is going to work out fine.

Thank you for your prayers.