Prayer Requests

Family and friends

monique gagne
My sister has been homeless since October 10, 2010 because of her EVIL EX-HUSBAND`S VERY BAD CREDITS. She (sister) has now signed a lease to stay in our parents`apartment (security building) until she finds one. So Jesus how much longer will you have my sister on hold to go on with her life without an apartment ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER TO GO ON PLEASE, PLEASE, its going to be another year will she EVER GET ONE and on top of ALL THIS, what her EVIL EX-HUSBAND OBLIGED her to go THRU WAS VERY WICKED and beyond WICKED. What is your plans for her future what can you do for her.
My sister;s EVIL SON has banned his Mother from seeing her 3 grandchildren one girl age 10 and two boys age 11, 13 they`re living with 3 alcoholics their EVIL FATHER, EVIL GRANDFATHER, and grandfather`s brother. They (2 boys) say their father is crazy and something is going on and they think is wrong the girl think her gramma is mad at her. Drugs is also involved is this a normal life for innocent precious special children. What dos the Children`s Aid say `THEY`RE NOT IN DANGER. THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT FOR JESUS` CHILDREN

My sister and I are requesting that we both live in the same security building someday wherever that might be we`d have our own apartment be happy enjoy life for what`s left of it.

Janet`s daughter need help to be stable in her everyday life and financial to make ends meet.
My niece`s her son, son`s fiancee, stepdaughter my friend, friend`s daughter ALL NEED TO HAVE THE WILL POWER TO CALL IT QUITS FOR SMOKING

SPECIAL REQUEST; My niece`s husband discovered a growing lump on his throat. He`s young with a wife and children that DESPERATELY need him, DEPEND on him. Its EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to have it (lump) disappear it MUST GO for his wife and especially his children`s sake.

My Dad has cancer of the bladder he`s waking up at all hours of the night he has pain in the rectum etc. so Jesus I`m asking if you won`t clear the cancer then PLEASE STOP him from waking up at all hours of the night cause it interferes his sleep and PLEASE take the pain away.

I`m looking unto Jesus PLEASE IMPROVE my vision I have Macular Degeneration, floaters, blurry vision, cataracts if it wasn`t for my right eye I`d be pratically blind. I`d rather die than to lose my vision. I need financial help to buy EXCELLANT PRODUCT to nourish my eyes and make ends meet cause in the future I may not be able to afford to keepmy apartment cost of living.
SPECIAL REQUEST:HELP ME TO WAKE UP in the morning and start my day PLEASE I have TROUBLE its TREMENDOUSLY and EXTREMELY hard to wake up HELP me with your prayers.And Jesus what can you do for my future is this IT. Is this going to be my life the way it is now!!!!!!!!!

Theresa, Christopher, Cyndal,Bradie, Evan, Parker, Chanel, Paul, Denise, Shane, Kayla, Riley, Raymond, Sarah, Nathan.