Prayer Requests


Jason Wieczorek
I have been off work for the summer. I started driving school bus this year after I was let go from a job I had for 16 years due to cuts. I was able to collect unemployment from that job and applied for it for the summer. I thought about getting a summer job until school started back up but I am also the bus director and bus driver for our church. I do not make any money from my church for doing this, but we had a lot of teen camps and retreats we had going on as well as thing for the kids and a summer job I did not think was doable do to all I had going on at the church due to having to ask for so much time off. I am the type to say the things of God first, job second Well now my unemployment has been on hold and I have not received anything from them yet, at least 5 weeks worth they owe me. I can not pay my bills, and may even have to cancel my auto insurance in two days. I trust God will come through,but I am asking for prayer that the unemployment would come through very quickly before it comes to not being able to pay my bills. Please pray. I trust in God, but the more pray I say the better. Please lift up your voices to our Lord, and I pray He blesses you all for your prayers. Thank you and God bless.