Prayer Requests

Job and Finances

Jason Wieczorek
I would like to first thank you for reading this and being willing to pray afterword’s. My name is Jason. I work as a school bus driver who is now slowly getting back to work, thank God. I have been on unemployment this summer and able to claim due to a job I had until I was let go after the new year due to downsizing. I could have found a job to work during the summer, but I am also the bus director for my church as well as the bus driver, and we had many trips that were being taken this summer, and I see it as God first, job 2nd, when I can. Well with so many trips planed I figured us the unemployment to get me through the summer. It almost worked. Unemployment said I could do it, and since has now 7 weeks of payments held up. Thank God for family that have helped me with bills. With my job, I do not have a normal bus route yet, but with trips, I can make it. Praying for a normal route though. I am asking for prayer, one that this unemployment would finally go through and I would receive payment, and two, I am asking for prayer that somehow very soon I get a regular bus route. The biggest thing though is receiving the unemployment to get things paid up quickly. So please, I ask pray for these things, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray that God Blesses you for your prayer