Prayer Requests


Vivian Hartz
Please pray for my sister Viola age 70 who has suffered for many years with an enlarged heart, and diabetes. Her family has always come first in her life. Her only son Larry Jr. has been caught up in demonic rituals since he was 13 years of age. He is now 38. My sister Viola has given him everything, including a house in L. A. She pays for everything he wants. She can’t say No to him, due to I believe Larry Jr. has her imprisoned by his cult/demonic rituals.
Please pray that our Lord supernaturally sets my sister free from these demonic rituals that he has performed over the years in my sister’s home and life. Pray that Larry Jr. be set free from this horrible stronghold of demonic influences. When our Father God sets him free my sister will be healed/set free from all demonic rituals Larry Jr. has placed upon my sister Viola and the rest of her family.
Thank you for praying for my sister Viola as well as the rest of her family.