Prayer Requests

please pray for me

I ask that God please help me. Help me to have peace and happiness in my life. Please make all things right for me. Settle all of my worries and let me have peace. Please help me God. Please lead my husband to you and let him find you in his heart. Please remove the Devil woman from our lives who is keeping us apart. I ask that you finally allow my husband to see he has made a mistake and she doesn\’t love him but is using him. Let my husband know he needs to be a father to his kids. It is important to be there and to help them. Please God let my mothers estate be settled, let m see she is doing wrong by you. Also let my daughter go to college, she longs for it so. Please let me have a permanent job, let there be peace at work. Let all just be well please. I am so lost lord. lost and afraid. Help me. Give me comfort and love. Please, In Jesus name I pray, Amen.