Prayer Requests

urgent intervention

Tash anon
lease pray for my husband Johann Rautenbach he is having an affair with a woman at work for a year now. Long story short, he was not saved before the affair but was a good, loving husband and father. He turned into a very selfish and vain person. He lies constantly and this woman has a VERY strong hold on him. This has done so much damage to me and our children, I have an ulcer that is bleeding from stress and lost so much weight. My 12 year old son came across naked pictures she send of herself to my husband. I don\’t have enough space to explain everything but this is a terrible situation. Please pray that God intervene quickly and mightily and break this hold she has on him (remove her from our lives completely) and for his deliverance and salvation. Also for friends that is a VERY bad influence to be removed from his life. There has been so much damage done because of this: family bonds broken, emotional damage, friendships broken, BIG financial problems. Alcohol and drug addiction. And please also pray for me and our children for emotional healing and for myself for my faith. I\’m ashamed to admit it, but my faith is very weak because of all of this. Please pray for me for spiritual growth and breakthrough. I\’m in a place of despair and everything around me is falling apart. My 12 year old son is really acting out and rebelling. And my 8 year old daughter is emotional, crying about everything. I don\’t know how to handle these things anymore. I\’m emotionally broken, I have no self-esteem and feel like a failure as christian, wife and mother. I KNOW only God can do the miracles we need, but without faith it is impossible to please God, and my faith is very weak- I\’ve been praying, believing God for a miracle. I\’m going to loose my mind. My son told me he doesn\’t believe God is real, because a loving Almighty God would not let this happen. Don\’t know how long I can go on like this. Hurts see my children going through this. This is affecting them just as bad. Please please pray for us. And us for a supernatural miracle. That I know God CAN do.