Prayer Requests

Prayer for Gods help

Jason Wieczorek
I am requesting prayer for myself. My name is Jason and I am a school bus driver. Summer is coming and I have not been able to save money up yet to get through the summer due to life’s breakdowns. I am asking for prayer that with Gods help, that He will help me pay my bills through the summer until school starts back up. I am also asking for prayer in my spiritual life as well. That I would read and study Gods word more, pray more, and learn to just love Jesus more and more. I was removed from the one ministry I dearly loved in my church, the bus ministry, due to I felt Gods leading in running it, and I went against some very pride filled people. Since I have been removed, I have seen the blessing taken away and the ministry about dead. All the children and teens we brought in, gone. It kills me inside. I loved see them come in and so many saved, accepting Jesus, Amen, coming in on the buses. I ask for prayer that I may one day be restored in that ministry and God’s blessing returned, and best of all, people coming to church and accepting Jesus as their Saviour. Thank you for your prayer and may God bless you for it. God is capable of all things, through Him nothing is impossible, trust on hope in Him.