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Nooksack Outreach Mission

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Gordon, thank you for talking with me on the phone, and for powerful prayer. It seems to me the Lord directed me to your website My computer has been out of commission since then, so will write very briefly now while with a family member. Perhaps this could be a write-up for the Facebook page:

To Gordon and WFC friends, April 25, 2016
A few of us, local lay people called by the Lord, are standing in the gap for the Nooksack Tribe in Whatcom County, WA. We meet for prayer and worship at a small A-frame building now called the Nooksack Outreach Mission that was historically used by the Tribe for decades, but not recently. It was built for and by the Tribe. It is now wide open for use as Holy Spirit sees fit. The building is available principally for the Nooksack Tribe. It is not “owned” by the tribe, but by a mainline denomination that has given us free reign as of this year. We meet for prayer, for AA meetings, for meals, for singing, for seeking the Lord’s transformation over this area and especially within the Tribe.
The Nooksack Tribal members have always lived here on their own ancestral homeland, with four small clustered reservation sites near the Nooksack Outreach Mission. There has never been a Native American pastor/leader assigned here, which has been the main reason cited for Nooksack members seldom attending in the past decades.
Please join us in praying for the tribe and for this new opportunity for an awakening here. Among the Nooksack members there are mostly Indian smokehouse traditions, the Indian Shaker Church, and also a few non-tribal community church affiliations.
There is no website for this site/ministry presently. There is no pastor assigned here now. We are waiting on the Lord’s guidance. Please contact Kathy at 360-510-7980 or email Kathy at . Feel free to call with any questions. Thanks!