Prayer Requests


Rose Rodriguez
God, you take sides. Truth and love are your nature, and when something happens that betrays truth and love, you resist. I stand with you for truth and justice on May 6th 2016. I am confident you will support me in behalf of my son Val Jr. This legal matter my son Val Jr. is facing is a matter clearly outlined by your standards of scripture. Based on this, I ask you to act on his behalf.
I know my son Val is far from perfect. Deceit has corrupted the world, and he is guilty of it as well. You have been good enough to confront him, and have already begun to rebuild his life according to your right standards. So I recognize that before I can ask for your justice my son must admit his needs for mercy.
Val also extends mercy and pardon to those who have harmed him. When Val receives forgiveness, he must give it as well. By forgiving those who have been unjust, I place this matter in your hands to work out what is right and just for my son Val. It is no longer my business to enforce a resolution.
I trust you here and now to do this. I appeal to you to act for justice sake0n May 6th. for the reputation of your own good name. Bring this painful matter to right – a righteous – closure. Work as Val’s advocate, his attorney, and as the impartial judge who decides fairly on behalf of truth. I plead for a right outcome. I plead for mercy for my son. I plead for justice.
I trust you. You are good, all the time. Not all things in this world are good. But you are, and you work goodness in all things, when I trust you with my son’s mercy. Resolve this lawsuit in a way that honors justice and mercy for my son Val Jr. In Jesus name let us pray for Val Jr. Amen