Prayer Requests


Monnette Uknown
PrayPray for the lord to intervene/intercede on me/boys/mother behalf and protect/shield/be our buckler in everything anything in all circumstances and situtions/finances/OUTCOMES.DWELLING/and for the lord to be our buckler/shield/protection against our oppressor that is trying to oppress us in everything and for the lord to bless us with gods favor to get restored in everything I AM A SINGLE MOTHER AND THIS MUST BE STOPPED AND PRAY FOR ME TO GET A BETTER PAYING JOB THAN 2010 OPPORUTNIES FROM HOSPITAL THAT WILL PAY ME FOR MY EXPERIENCE doors to open UNTO ME SURGERY SCHEDULING and that will pay me to take care of everything in my life , AND FOR MY OLDEST/YOUNGEST SON A GOOD PAYing JOB THAT WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING IN THEIR LIVES AND RESTORE ME FROM THE LOST OF 2007 THE THREE DOLLAR CUT FROM MY JOB AND FOR THE LORD TO REPLACE WITH RESTORATION AND PLUS FOR ALL THE TROUBLE THAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH FOR THE LAST PAST FOUR YEARS..and for the youngest for all his loses as well bless him for all the trouble he had to go through since he was sixteen years old…financially etc…in everything AND FOR THE LORD TO BE OUR SHIELD/BUCKLER/PROTECTIN AGAINST THIS PERSON THAT IS WISHING TO MESS US UP