Prayer Requests

Salvation for Son

Rose Rodriguez
Lord, Heavenly Father I give thanks for all you have given and done for me. I give you praise for who you are giving us salvation by giving your son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Lord I come to you in the name of Jesus that you come into my son\’s Val\’s life and cleanse him from all the negative friends and behaviors. Lord remove any addiction in his life. Lord pray that all charges being brought again Val be dropped on June 23,because I know that you Lord are in control and will provide what it your will. I thank you for my family and pray that you also watch over my daughters and keep them safe. Lord provide us with comfort and strength to deal with all of this. And Lord I ask that you give me peace and strength to overcome this anxiety and pain that I\’ve been holding on to. Lord I give it all to you because you are in control. In the name of your son, and our savior Jesus Christ. Amen !!