Prayer Requests


Norma Speights
Please pray for me. I helped this man for over four years. He had nothing when we met. Now he is in his own home, two cars, a truck, a phone. He claimed he loved me and wanted a life with me. He owes me a lot of money. The truck he has is in my name. I helped this man\’s son get a car as well. He is twenty one, he lied on me. He went and got his mom, she assaulted me. I had to turn over debt to a consolidation company. I want God to help me. I want this pain and sorrow to be taken away. I am tired of running up with men who take advantage of my kindness. I have two more that owe me a lot of money. Pray I can move on and never look back. Pray I can get my money back from each one that owes me money. Pray that God will give me a job with good benefits and good pay. Pray that I will have justice for what I have been put through. Pray that I will find someone who will give me the love and attention I deserve.