Prayer Requests

Prayer for Mom and Dad

Jason Wieczorek
I am asking for prayer for my Mom and Dad. Their names are David and Brenda. My Mom has been in the hospital for health issues lately. Just had cancer taken out of her as well as her gull bladder. With this come bills. Things are starting to look hard for my Mom and Dad, money wise. So first I ask for prayer for my Mom, that God would heal her body and take away her pain. Second, that God would supply the money to take care of the bills that need to be paid. Things at my Dad job are in transition, his company has new owners, so please also pray that through this he keeps his job, and maybe a possible raise. Lastly, my Dad is not saved, so pray that he would one day accept Christ as his Saviour. Thank you and God bless you for your prayers. God is capable of all things, through Him nothing is impossible, trust on hope in Him