Prayer Requests

Need him to change

Norma Speights
I was with this man for four years, he has been hiding things from me since day one. His son is 21. Him and his mom have caused me nothing but trouble. I had to take her to court once for assault, now she has my phone number. She thinks she can keep on with me. His son lied on me and got her started. She also wants my boyfriend to come back to her. A couple of weeks ago I got his phone and found he was texting another woman. I confronted him, it took me days to get some information. I took his phone and contacted her. Then I had him to call her and leave her a message. That afternoon I went to his house, I called her, but he did not want me to. I put her on speaker phone. They went back and forth. I let her know we were together for four years. She claimed him and her were together a year before. She said he would pick her in a car that I bought. I was devestated. I changed his phone number, and mine. Four years and four women. I love him and have helped him financially. I have no trust or believe anything he says. He says he can get my trust back and I will believe him. I am struggling with all this. He says that I am the best thing that happened to him. He claims that he wants to get into the church and turn his life around. I want him to change and be me with only. I want him to move and build a house. I want him to marry me also. Please pray for me, I want him to stand by me and do what he says. I have stood by him when no one else would. His brother is the one that gave this girl his number and he knew I was with him. Pray God will put a stop to these people interfering in our relationship. Pray he will stand by me and be the man I want and need.