Prayer Requests

i dont understand

have tried and tried but ever since my new head teacher has come she has caused me angst and grief.she only finds fault with me humiliates and criticses me.worse still she lies about me and her treatment to the executive.i have no support at work as all are scared for their jobs and are all over her.i cant play their games.i am good at my job and always have been but she just destroys me even if others are at fault.i am physically sick.i cry EVERY day for 5 years.i pray.i am always respectful.i dont want to lose my job or sorry but i am lost.i dont know what else to do.maybe God will listen to You for me.i am sorry.i dont want to lose faith or my job.i am devaststed.noone speaks to me all day.only her to criticise me…it used to be a strong supportive loving staff.she came and i respect her change but she has disliked and disrespected me from day 1.i have never given her a reason to treat me so bad and to dismiss me.God help me.please