Prayer Requests

Prayer Request for a Group of People

Hello Prayer Warriors:
I am a prayer warrior as well, but I would like assistance in praying for a group of people God put on my heart. The people I\’m praying for live in an apartment complex in Akron, Ohio called the Spring Hill Apartments with two buildings, the Highrise Building and the Midrise Building. Many of the people are using drugs, selling drugs and do many evil deeds disrupting the peace of older adults and the elderly who live there. Please pray with me that these people get saved! Also I want a special pray request for the evil deeds (drug use, drug distribution, fighting, partying, vandalism and property destruction cease completely). If they continue I pray that they will be evicted and band if necessary. Many older & peaceful people who live there are tired of the drama these young, careless people and their kids do regularly, especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And in the Evenings on Weekdays! It is very Crazy & I PRAY FOR IT TO STOP! Thank You for Praying!