Prayer Requests

please pray for my daughter who is suppose to be pregnant but the doctors can not find the baby, She suppose to be 5 mons she has been to the ER five time. Altra sounds five blood test same urine test same she is very depress her sisters myself she go to obgyn 9/7/16 She has all the systems of being pregnant Please hold her up in prayer Pray she will be release from the Cult she is in. She is sick and she gives them all her money living in fear because drill it in her head that she going have bad luck if she leaves she is not to be with us she is only suppose to be with them. he has women to call his self the most high. they honor him she thinks he is the most high they drill it in them she will not listen to us. we are afraid for her.Please pray for her the rest of us doctors can give us a answer. No God can! Pray for my family to be strong again with there daddy to.Healing get out of dept my family will be depth free and healed we will be closer once again spiritually find better jobs I find love we all find love and be happy again. With Gods Blessing. Keep my daughter in prayer with her pregnancy that it is not her a magination she will be find my daughters and I will not be depress any more pray God will move on our behalf break every curse that is against me and my family God Bless Pray she will be deliver from the Cult please these people will not have anymore hold on my child I pray to have someone to come in and break this Cult up they are secretive, Pray they find someone who will deprogram my daughter. She is literally like a robot. Please we need help please, God Bless You In All You Do!