Prayer Requests

Healing of Fibroids and Complications

Healing of very large fibroids that\’s causing swelling in kidneys, blood clot in left leg, high blood pressure spikes and other complications. Doctor basically mocked when I said instead of jumping into a procedure I needed to pray about it and that Jesus can heal. Doctor looked at me pitifully as if I had no hope (and said \”he or she\” (referencing God) wants you to be healthy by doing this–kind of end with so put your faith aside). I had to tell her \”He\” is Jesus Christ. I have been faithfully praying and thanking God for complete healing because I know that by Jesus stripes we were healed. He can give me new kidneys, new uterus and bring salvation to that unbelieving doctor. I claim it, receive it and believe it in Jesus Name. God Bless You all for praying for me!