Prayer Requests

Desperately NEED HELP

Kevin Silance
My wife and I FINALY found a place, BUT our one and only car blew up and we have NO WAY to go anywhere or do anything. And we have \”SO CALLED\” friends but they won\’t give us a ride anywhere even when we offer gas money. My wifes family is dead and mine live across town and don\’t care about us AT ALL and are NOT willing to help AT ALL. We came up with enough money to pay for a small storage unit and one month\’s rent, BUT NOBODY will take us out to get our stuff out of the storage unit. My wife found a job But it\’s an hour walk One way. Our credit cards are maxed out from being Literally Homeless all year long and getting scammed Several times. We NEED prayers DESPERATELY for guidance and strength and what ever help that the Good Lord will give us. We signed up for food stamps but it sounds like it takes a Long time to get into the place for an appointment, letting alone getting anything. So PLEASE pray for us… Thank You so very much and God bless you all…