Prayer Requests

My Family and I need prayer

Jason Wieczorek
My family & I are in need of prayer. My mom & dad are having problems with the bank their house is through. They make the payments on time, but something went wrong somewhere & the bank is coming after them & may want the house. Please be in prayer that everything works out and they can keep the house with no problems. Also my dad is afraid of losing his job because of things going on in his company. Please pray that he keeps his job. Also he is not saved, pray for his salvation. My sister and kids moved home thank God, but she is working all the time and needs someone to watch the kids, pray God works in that as well. Lastly with me, my two vehicles are in nonworking order. My van being the one I use all the time. Please pray that with Gods help and leading, I can get them fixed quickly. I also need Gods help with paying for things, I\’m broke. Lastly pray that my family all grows closer to God through all that is going on. I want to grow closer to Him but fail. Please pray. The devil is at work doing evil in my family, and we need God. Thank you and God bless.